doctoral level mental health clinician


Specialized Forensic Unit LLC is a licensed private nongovernmental clinic, serving Illinois and Wisconsin. Our professional staff includes doctoral level mental health clinicians. We conduct thorough and detailed evaluations, specifically tailored to answer referral questions that courts, attorneys, or patients may have. Psychological assessment services are conducted in a professional and sensitive manner. The main goal of our agency is to provide the most objective and unbiased assessment, which outlines client’s current treatment needs and protective factors. Specialized Forensic Unit LLC does not provide psychotherapy services but referrals for psychotherapy can be provided upon request.

Specialized Forensic Unit LLC provides services to adults and juveniles. These services include examinations for clinical and/or court-related purposes.

doctoral level mental health clinician

Forensic evaluations include:

• Competency/fitness to stand trial evaluations

• Risk assessments for physical and sexual dangerousness

• Psychosexual evaluations

• Legal guardianship evaluations

• Protective service and protective placement evaluations

• Not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect (NGI) evaluations

• Disability evaluations

• Psychological evaluations for immigration legal proceedings

• Trauma evaluations

• Phallometric (PPG) evaluations Read More

• Psychopathy evaluations

• Malingering and feigning evaluations

• Supplementary mental examinations

• Mentally ill and dangerous evaluations


Clinical evaluations include:

• Cognitive evaluations

• Adaptive evaluations

• Personality evaluations

• Diagnostic evaluations

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Tailored to answer referral questions

Objective and unbiased

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