Psychosexual Evaluations

Psychosexual evaluations, sexually problematic behaviors evaluations, sex offender evaluations, or SVP (Sexually Violent Person) evaluations

Psychosexual evaluation is a comprehensive evaluation which focuses on an examinee’s sexual development, sexual history, healthy and unhealthy sexual interests/arousal (paraphilic interests), sexual adjustment, and level of sexual risk. This evaluation includes relevant record review, interview, psychological testing, and application of research relevant to the case.

The evaluation lasts approximately 4-6 hours face-to-face. Our clinic is unique in this type of assessment because we incorporate a gold standard test of sexual arousal, penile plethysmograph (also known as PPG or phallometry), as a part of adult male psychosexual evaluations. PPG can also be requested without a full psychosexual evaluation, depending on a referral question (i.e., as a part of assessing progress in sex offender treatment).

Psychosexual evaluations can be requested at pre-trial stages, pre-sentence stages, post-sentence stages, pre-release stages, and at the time of sex offender registration expiration.

FOID Evaluations

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