What is Phallometric Testing or PPG?

Phallometric testing using the penile plethysmograph (also known as PPG) is designed to measure sexual response to visual and auditory non-pornographic stimuli. Phallometric testing provides objective information about male sexual interests. The findings are useful not only to the defense attorneys, courts, probation, or parole, but more so to the patient himself. Phallometric testing process includes four phases: interview, testing itself, data interpretation, and feedback. Phallometric test results are NOT used to make inferences about guilt or innocence.

Our clinic uses PPG Monarch 21 system, and the set usually includes 22 segments, measuring the response to sexualized violence, ages (infant, pre-pubescent, pubescent, adult), genders, and aggressive/coercive/persuasive/friendly sexual interactions.

Phallometric testing is available for males aged 18 and older, for individuals with developmental or intellectual disability (IQ less than 70), for individuals with severe attention deficit problems, for juveniles who are at least age 15 or older, for individuals with a history of rape convictions, for English- and Spanish-speaking, and for English-speaking legally blind examinees.

Simultaneously with PPG results, Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) and Respiration (RESP) are sampled to detect attempts at deception. The particular pattern of responses across all measures can be used to determine the confidence one might place on an individual’s self-reported sexual interests and behavior.

Identification of deviant sexual arousal in individuals can be useful in recommending specific treatment to target the deviant arousal for reduction. Phallometric testing results are considered along with other information relating to the individual, e.g., his past and present behaviors, his attitudes, and other psychological data to accurately assess his patterns of sexual arousal.

PPG is an FDA approved device and is admissible in courts as evidence. If you need more information about this type of evaluation, or if you want to schedule an evaluation, please call us at +1-800-488-9790 ext. 801 or email to info@SFunit.com.

Phallometric Testing

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