Specialized Forensic Unit PC is a private nongovernmental organization. Our clinic takes the issue of privacy very seriously. We want to provide visitors to our site the security, privacy, and confidentiality that they expect from a healthcare services provider. We do not collect any personal information from anyone who is merely visiting or browsing the site. Personal information is collected if the visitor chooses to send us an email message.


Specialized Forensic Unit PC invites visitors on our site to send email messages to our clinic so that we may respond to inquiries regarding our services. Our clinic retains copies of these email messages. The information provided by a visitor will be used to respond to the visitor’s inquiry and to provide better customer service. Specialized Forensic Unit PC will not release an email address contained in its database to a third party unless the third party provides products or services to Specialized Forensic Unit PC and releasing the address serves a specific purpose.


A cookie is a small piece of information about an Internet session that may be created when a visitor accesses a web site. Specialized Forensic Unit PC uses cookies for easier navigation within the site and to provide a higher level of convenience for the visitor. Cookies used by us do not contain any personal visitor information and do not retrieve any information from the visitor’s personal computer.


Specialized Forensic Unit PC uses the information collected from its web site visitors to address the specific needs of those visitors, to provide better customer service and to provide the latest information regarding our services. The information collected is also used to provide a record of communications between Specialized Forensic Unit PC and its site visitors and to comply with any applicable legal or regulatory requirements.


By Specialized Forensic Unit PC Employees: Certain employees will be provided with a visitor’s information to respond to that visitor’s needs and provide the visitor with information requested. All our employees are instructed and trained to use strict standards of care in handling personal and confidential customer information. Specialized Forensic Unit PC employees who do not conform to our confidentiality policy are subject to disciplinary action, including dismissal.

By Third Parties: Specialized Forensic Unit PC does not rent, sell, or transmit any personal information collected through its site to any third-party marketers. Personal information may be transmitted if there is a specific need to complete a transaction requested by the visitor or is required by law.


An IP address is a number automatically assigned to your computer whenever you access the Internet. All computer identification on the Internet is conducted with IP addresses, which allow computers and servers to recognize and communicate with each other. Specialized Forensic Unit PC does not collect IP addresses.