We Offer The Following Psychological Evaluations & Services

Our clinic provides psychological treatment and assessments in our offices and at inpatient and outpatient health facilities. Services are available in Illinois, Florida, and Wisconsin.

  • Personal injury psychological assessments
  • Trauma evaluations (abuse, neglect, injury)
  • Mitigation evaluations (murder and sexual cases)
  • Phallometric evaluations (also known as Penile Plethysmographs or PPGs)
  • Psychopathy evaluations (adult and juvenile)
  • Malingering, faking, and feigning evaluations
  • Supplementary mental examinations
  • Mentally ill and dangerous evaluations
  • Cognitive evaluations (IQ: all ages)
  • Adaptive evaluations
  • Personality evaluations
  • Diagnostic evaluations (clinical syndromes)
  • A second/ third/ etc. opinion evaluations
  • Clinical/license supervision
  • Psychological treatment

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