Step 1: Records

Prior to each evaluation, prepare a comprehensive and complete set of mental health records. The experts cannot comment on information that has not been provided to them for review. What you consider unimportant may be crucial in establishing expert opinion. Specialized Forensic Unit LLC discourages selecting, choosing, or picking what records to submit or share. When in doubt, please call Specialized Forensic Unit LLC for assistance in determining what records are essential for review. The following records are helpful in the evaluation process:

  • Mental health treatment summaries, admissions, and discharges
  • Court orders
  • Previous psychological and psychiatric evaluations and testing
  • Medical history
  • Medication history
  • Social history
  • Treatment plans
  • Inpatient and outpatient treatment notes
  • Case notes and progress notes
  • Court documents, letters, reports, and affidavits
  • Information investigations
  • Summaries of criminal investigations
  • Criminal complaints
  • Academic testing and school records
  • Diagnostic summaries
  • Record of convictions and charges for all states
  • Chemical dependency treatment records

Step 2: Send Records to Specialized Forensic Unit LLC

Specialized Forensic Unit LLC offers three options for sending records: via mail, via file sharing website, and via fax. These three options ensure secure file sharing.

You can mail your paper records to:

Specialized Forensic Unit LLC
3024 North Ashland Avenue, Mailbox 8432
Chicago, Illinois 60657-3012

You can notify Specialized Forensic Unit LLC via what secure file sharing website you want to submit your records and send an invitation link to

You can send your records through secure fax number +1-888-488-2604.

Step 3: Appointment

Please call at +1-800-488-9790 or email to to schedule your appointment in Illinois or Wisconsin office locations.

Step 4: Evaluation

Step 5: Report writing

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